A Reminder for All of Us

Many years ago there was a commercial that made the late night rounds back in Boston that was one of my favorites.  Sy Sperling’s Hair Club for Men.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IuRLGdGnqSU

The commercial was awesome for several reasons:

  1. It was incredibly cheesy and always brought a laugh
  2. It almost always aired after midnight and served as a reminder for hard drinkers to go to bed
  3. Sy was commendably candid

In the commercial Sy reminded us that he didn’t just peddle gimmicky hair products for balding men but also that he was similarly a victim of premature balding.  In other words, he suffered right along with you.  He was one of us.

I was reminded of that the other day as I struggled during the last few weeks to demonstrate integrity and respectful communication during some trying times here in Northern California.  I have dedicated my professional life to teaching respectful and effective communication and founded my company on these principles. But like Sy Sperling, I suffer right along with you, “I am not only the President, I am also a client.”

However, all is not lost.  A great mentor of mine, Mr. Joe Takash of Victory Consulting, once taught me that great relationships are not built – they are rebuilt over time, again and again.  We are human and so we are destined to disappoint and let ourselves and others down, it is part of the human condition.  However, these breakdowns are mere opportunities to rebuild the relationship and create a deeper, more meaningful relationship.

So if you have failed to live up to the standards of another human in a current relationship recently that’s ok.  You have the chance to get up off the mat, shed your cumbersome concerns about being right or defending yourself and reach out to rebuild the relationship from a place of sincere caring.  I promise you that if you can do this you will be ushering in  new and more powerful possibilities for the relationship.

About Tim Hoyle

Tim Hoyle is a Motivational Coach, National Speaker, and Bay Area leader in human performance metrics. Tim has been teaching motivational principles for over 25 years. His clients include Kaiser Permanente, CBS radio, Major League Soccer, Genentech, Dole, Valero, and the California Prison System. Tim's credentials include: Winslow Research Institute Certified Consultant Certified DISC Professional Behaviors Analyst Toastmasters Humorous Speaker Award 2006 + 2007
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One Response to A Reminder for All of Us

  1. Neeley says:

    This arrived at the perfect time. Add Mark to you list, he would benefit from your worldly and sometimes sardonic advice 😉 msilberman@mofo.com

    Together, we are making a difference for the children in BUSD!

    Neeley Silberman

    President, Benicia Education Foundation

    Follow us on Twitter: @BEF94510

    Vice President, Benicia High School PTSA

    LCAP Advisory Member, Benicia Unified School District

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