Will Power is a Myth

I have been saying for years that will power is a random setting in your body driven by genetics similar to your height or eye color. It has absolutely no bearing on your integrity (whatever that is) or character.   Here is an interesting article furthering that discussion.  Give it a read you might find yourself with a little more motivational energy today because you did!



About Tim Hoyle

Tim Hoyle is a Motivational Coach, National Speaker, and Bay Area leader in human performance metrics. Tim has been teaching motivational principles for over 25 years. His clients include Kaiser Permanente, CBS radio, Major League Soccer, Genentech, Dole, Valero, and the California Prison System. Tim's credentials include: Winslow Research Institute Certified Consultant Certified DISC Professional Behaviors Analyst Toastmasters Humorous Speaker Award 2006 + 2007
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3 Responses to Will Power is a Myth

  1. Some very interesting theories. Explains why Kent does his back exercises every day before breakfast to music & why I wait to exercise until after coffee, breakfast, and then not do them all because I’ve shortchanged myself on time! Good article!

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  2. pattymoran says:

    That’s a fresh new look on will power. Very interesting! Patty

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