A Day in the Life of a Personality Trait

If you are reading this blog then you know about my contention that the majority of our success and/or failures with others comes from the alignment of our innate personality traits.  Today’s case in point:

I thrive on appreciation and my wife loves efficiency (she did not marry well).  Today my mercurial nature briefly coalesced around the desire to take out the recycling bin, so I did. Upon entering the house I declared that she no longer had to worry about taking out the recycling bin since I had dispatched with that tedious task.

I paused and awaited for my well earned accolades to begin flowing from my wife’s mouth but to my dismay I heard the following, “You should wait till tonight because there is more recycling that has to go out after dinner and now we will have to make an extra trip.” (Author’s note – when she says “We” she means me.)

One trait values effort the other efficiency and no amount of therapy or medication will change that.

This is how personality theory plays out in the real world countless times during the day.   Can you find it in your house?  Better to see it and laugh vs. make it personal and get angry.





About Tim Hoyle

Tim Hoyle is a Motivational Coach, National Speaker, and Bay Area leader in human performance metrics. Tim has been teaching motivational principles for over 25 years. His clients include Kaiser Permanente, CBS radio, Major League Soccer, Genentech, Dole, Valero, and the California Prison System. Tim's credentials include: Winslow Research Institute Certified Consultant Certified DISC Professional Behaviors Analyst Toastmasters Humorous Speaker Award 2006 + 2007
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2 Responses to A Day in the Life of a Personality Trait

  1. Neeley says:

    How about the person (and by person I mean me) who wants efficiency and appreciation? That’s not too much to ask now is it? LOL!

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