Interesting book review, Mom and Dad Chill Out, from two anthropologists who studied  varied cultural norms of child rearing from around the globe .  A quote from the book, “The expert advice that parents attend to has grossly exaggerated the influence of parenting on child development.”

Here is the review from today’s Wall Street Journal.


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Original Motivational Quote from Motivational Expert Tim Hoyle

You can do it!

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The amount of conscientiousness a person displays at any given moment is an indicator of whether or not the person feels they are working from a position of strength and abundance or weakness and scarcity.


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Trust is a decision to put yourself at risk based on other peoples actions


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Never Up Never In

“Only then did he show any sign that he might be anything other than a sane, willful, dogged man performing a hard duty that finally just had to be done, like it or not.” – Ken Kesey, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

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